I Am Legion is the synergy of incisive award-winning production skills of Noisia and veteran rap overlords Foreign Beggars: a collective space created for both forces to experiment and push the boundaries of underground rap and cutting edge electronica.

The camp realised their joint potential after collaborating on the 2009 track ‘Contact’ on Foreign Beggars’ ‘United Colours of Beggatron’ (Dented). This tune blew up dance floors worldwide and set a precedent for where I Am Legion is today. Contact’s 10M + plays on YouTube opened up a huge and loyal worldwide fan base, leaving the artists realising that they can do it alone. Bourne of five years of inter-dispersed recording sessions. Their self titled debut establishes the group's manifesto of electronic rap music across a brilliant spectrum of tempos and forward leaning styles.

The first tour as “I Am Legion’ saw the bands sell out venues with full production through Europe, with one special date in Russia, concluding on massive festival stages in Australia for Stereosonic at the end of 2013 with a slew of forthcoming festival shows in 2014 (Reading, Leeds 2014, mainstage at Sonar, Pukkelpop, Urban Art Forms, Eurokennes, Lowlands + more).

I Am Legion’s live show is an explosive and dynamic experience, with a highly specialised light & visual show designed around the music. The stage clothing design was a collaboration between highly sought after styling duo Tzarkusi and the esteemed Vinti Andrews, who worked very closely with I Am Legion to customize the image for the tour.

The first single from the album, “Make Those Move”, was viewed over 300K times in the first week it was made available. Mistajam was the first person to premier Make Those Move as a world exclusive playing it 3 times in a row.

The second single from the debut release, ‘Choosing for You’, has already amassed more than a million hits on Youtube, and is steadily increasing. Total Youtube plays are nearly at 3M,with the force only having come into existence in October 2013.

2014 will see the release of a remix EP of the I Am Legion album from many of the world’s best producers, across various genres of the dance music community.

I Am Legion are currently in Groningen, moving forward and writing more material. One can already be sure of the standard of things to come this year.